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BFI Jamaica Street 1901

BFI Jamaica Street
April 1901

From this video;

BFI Jamaica Street, Glasgow 1901
Added in part of a current image from Street view as a comparison as an equivalent from 113 years ago. I also left in the worker pushing the cart. He stands out, neatly dressed but doing work today that would probably not require it. I dont know if he is selling food or collecting waste. There is no indication by the clothes as there may be now. I took out all the other people to give a better view of the buildings and street.

At the end of the video the narration says the workers are walking along the top of Jamaica St but as a poster on Hidden Glasgow ( LINK ) has noted it is really North Woodside Road.The row of house at the top end were removed and it is the current location of The Pewter Pot

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