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Hippo Tap Room

Hippo Tap Room
323 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JA

Bar is to the left as is the bottom of the stairs entrance. Nice little area at far end with a few tables just past the toilets.
Still in the process of booting up. Beers are on and very good. Needs some personal touches to liven up the space.

( Closed July 2017 )

Variety Bar

Variety Bar
401 Sauchiehall St,
G2 3LG

Yup, open

Previously ...

and especially August 2011

Shilling Beer Co

Shilling Beer Co
92 West George Street
Shilling Beer, Glasgow

I am not sure what to make of this place.
Nicely fitted out with the branding all over place. Those floor signs are going to be tough to remove in the next rebrand. Doesnt make especially good use of such a nice big space. My usual complaints that the tables and layout feel like they have been done by someone who never goes to bars or restaurants. At least there are no couches. The long tables at the entrance and near the bar restrict movement and narrow access. The high chairs being at head height to people sitting down is always a strange decision. "Hey, here's an arse in your face" . I guess the curtain means this raised area can be separated which would make an even stranger place to go to. "Hey, is that a stage behind that"
If they were trying to be a North American brewpub it would have wait staff and table service but you need to get to the bar, away over there, past all the tables and chairs for everything. They might operate differently at night/weekends. Companies like SoCal's BJ's have been doing this concept for 40 years, the way this is always done here feels like someone went on vacation, visited a brewpub and copied without understanding.
I had one of their beers which was fine and tasted like all in house beers do, pizza was fine as well.
I wonder what made the local bloggers/twitterers so excited about its opening last week :)