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Queen Street Station

Queen Street Station
15th May 2018

( Update June 1 2018

As part of the station redevelopment the buildings in front of the old arch are being removed. The arch will , as has always been the case , be viewable from the interior once the new building is complete but with increased light .

The additinal track length for longer train sets requires an additional building to accommodate passengers and the ticket centre to be built in front.

There seem to be a lot of people wanting to be able to see the full arch but have no consideration for the people using the station. It is a working station and was always built as such. People who dont use the station may not have realised the arch , at both ends, was viewable from the inside or by going to Cathedral St.

The Press Bar

The Press Bar
199 Albion St, Glasgow G1 1RU
14th February 2018

The Press Bar closes for a week on Sunday for some renovations.

( In this image that lower table corner is the same corner :) )
( NB if you asked me i would get rid of this booth and have built in seats against the walls with narrower ( split level) tables. Like Heraghtys and other Glasgow bars )