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The Sparkle Horse

The Sparkle Horse
16 Dowanhill Street. Partick. Glasgow. G11 5QS
21st December 2012
( This was The Dowanhill )
The Sparkle Horse,Glasgow
( Wednesdays not worth a mention ? )

Interesting way to start a bar. Beer prices >20% higher than surrounding bars, expensive food, way less selection, very limited opening times, turfing out old staff and them starting a web site to get paid and decorating seems to have consisted of painting black over everything .

EDIT Jan 28th
Found i had a comment but instead of approving it where it can missed i will put it here in all its glory
might be a customer , a friend or a partner.They seem way too excited about an opinion on the internet. They might want to have a look at this link.. They did not leave a way to contact them so if you know Carlin(?) tell them their message is posted.They also might want to go have a look at closer bars the Lismore and Three Judges.

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