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185 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G4 9EB
15th February 2013
munros, Glasgow
Very different from Captains Rest . Where i am seated is basically where the bar was.
Way more open and brighter. This is not the most interesting view but typical new bar opening tweaking and fixing was going on, the bar itself is great looking with a large white tiled back. Reminds me quite a bit of Jacksons and Dukes. You can see Wintersgills directly across Great Western Road. I am intrigued to see how well it operates at this end of Great Western Road with few offices for a lunch time crowd and Wintersgills and Roxy 171 so nearby. Additionally Maclays has two other similar places ( Dram and Landsdowne ) close by and they may split the trade rather than grow it.
Good burger ( meat fine, but as with everywhere in Glasgow bun is not as good as it could be. Why is that top not the same size as the bottom :-) its not a muffin ). You know its a new kitchen because all the condiments are fresh and unused :-)
Munros Burger, GlasgowMunros, Glasgow

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