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Gordon Lane Panda II

Gordon Lane, Glasgow
27th March 2013
Today; GCC Preserving Public Art , Always.
NB its behind the bins, there may be some tasty bamboo in them.

9th January ( Nearly finished )
Gordon Lane Panda, Glasgow

Admittedly it did use to look like this ( April 2012 ).
Gordon Lane Not Panda, Glasgow


Odeon Cinema (Former)
52-62 Renfield St, Glasgow, G2 1NF
27th March 2013
Odeon, Glasgow
Odeon, Glasgow
Odeon, Glasgow

Imperial Bar

Imperial Bar
6 Howard Street, Glasgow, G1 4AZ
23rd March 2013
The Imperial, Glasgow

Gordon Lane

Gordon Lane
23rd March 2013

Things you might see in a Glasgow Lane

Above is associated with Kirsty Whiten's Westend Bestiary show at the Recoat Gallery.

Note this lane is due to be closed off with gates so these and future displays as well as access to the Art Pistol/Klingatron Panda at the other end will be restricted. Although you can barely see the Panda as the refuse bins block most of it. The previous Artwork posters seem meaningless.

Buchanan Quarter

Buchanan Quarter
185-221 Buchanan St, Glasgow,
23rd March
Buchanan Quarter, Glasgow

The Annexe

The Annexe Healthy Living Centre,
9a Stewartville Street,
Partick, Glasgow
G11 5PE
21st March 2013
The Annexe, Partick, Glasgow

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Old Signs 1

What would be another project to start , like the fcuo site . How about remaking old bar signs ?
Here we go...

(Jock Mills) Variety Bar
15 Cowcaddens
Variety Bar, 1938 , Glasgow
Original Photo Link (VM)

(Taylors) Variety Bar
15 Cowcaddens
approx 1961
Variety Bar, 1961 , Glasgow
I was concerned that the original images were so low res. that i wasnt making out the details but i think they just filled in the outlines with red in this later sign. The text and images should be a red colour i think,same as the Taylors, but i have no reference so filled in for later.
Original Photo link 1 (VM)
Original photo link 2

The Avalon

The Avalon
23 Kent Road, Glasgow G3 7BY
15th March 2013

( Closed now the Whiski Kraft )


Graffiti Head
Torness St, Glasgow
12th March 2013
Beige head posters, Glasgow
Part of a Peter Drew series
Beige head posters, Glasgow
This is what the bottom two heads looked like today ( March 13th) ;

Peoples Palace & Winter Gardens

Peoples Palace and Winter Garden
Glasgow Green, Glasgow, G40 1AT
5th March 2013
Peoples Palace, Glasgow
Peoples Palace, Glasgow
Templeton Carpet Factory, Doulton Fountain,Peoples Palace, High Flats, Lord Nelsons Obelisk

Peoples Palace, Winter Gardens, GlasgowPeoples Palace, Glasgow

Templeton Carpet Factory

Templeton Carpet Factory
62 Templeton St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G40 1DA
5th March 2013
Templeton Carpet Factory,Glasgow
Templeton Carpet Factory,GlasgowTempleton Carpet Factory,Glasgow

George Square

George Square
George St, Glasgow G2 1DU
5th March 2013
George Square, Glasgow
A version of AMcMurchies drawing. Go buy his its really good.
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