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62 Argyll Arcade ,Glasgow G2 8BG
29th May 2013

Tried to get last part of these murals;

On the weekends the stalls cover it, and during the week the stall frames still cover it. A Waste.

Sloans Entrance

62 Argyll Arcade ,Glasgow G2 8BG
29th May 2013
Sloans Entrance, Glasgow Sloans Entrance, Glasgow

Sandiefield Road Demolition

Demolition of 170 & 200 Sandiefield Road, Gorbals, Glasgow

Sandiefield Road Demolition
The demo company have some good photos here that stitch quite nicely for a set of pictures not possible in a few months. As always click image for bigger version.
Images probably Copyright Coleman and Company but no specific licence posted. Link to fb page included.

Barrowland Sign

Barrowland Ballroom Sign
244 Gallowgate, Glasgow
May 2013
Barrowland Ballroom Sign STL
Along with the old bar signs i have been making i might use this as a test for making STL models of full Glasgow buildings. I used my picture to generate the solid model
I may just make these;
Barrowland Ballroom Sign STL lego

Laurieston Sign STL lego

Pot Still

Pot Still
154 Hope Street, Glasgow . G2 2TH
15th May 2013

New floor really does brighten the place up and will gain character through use.

Turkish Hot Shave

Hot Shave
63 Bridge street, Glasgow, G5 9JB
11th May 2013
Last Chance To See


62 Argyll Arcade ,Glasgow G2 8BG
11th May 2013
Sloans Mural, Glasgow
Sloans Mural, Glasgow
Needed some work to show the part blocked by the tables.

Odeon Cinema ( Demolition )

Odeon Cinema (Former)
52-62 Renfield St, Glasgow, G2 1NF
11th May 2013
Demolished Odeon cinema, Glasgow
Started bricking up the front and clearing for new build

Demolition images sequence here

Kelvinhall Underground

Kelvinhall Underground Station
7 Dalcross Path, Glasgow, G11 5RA
9th May 2013
Kelvinhall Underground Station,Glasgow
Stripped and ready for shiny new panels

Old Signs 4 : The Picador

The Picador
81 Renfield Street, Glasgow
The Picador, Glasgow
Virtual Mitchell Link
Old Glasgow Pubs Link

Now the Bay Horse

Few decent photos on vMitchell to work with so need to find some more.

Old Signs No.2 : Drum & Monkey

Continuing this mini project
Old Drum and Monkey sign, Glasgow

Old Drum and Monkey, Glasgow
( I think this is the corner of Hope St and West Regent Lane. Now a Crepe & Croissant . So keeping the ampersand going)

Quarter Gill ( Partick)

Quarter Gill
232 Dumbarton Road, Partick, G11 6TU
3rd May 2013
Quarter Gill,Glasgow
Karaoke, Dominoes, Quiz, Video Games

Old Radio Dial

2nd May 2013

Old radio dial dug out from cellar
Medium TOP, Long BOTTOM
Including Motala,Lahti,Lux'b'g(x2),Allouis,Moscow,Munich etc

These 2 pictures are almost the complete UI. It is missing the power button.
Antique Radio Dial Gallery