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Cessnock Subway Station

Cessnock Subway Station

This is the sign that everyone should have protested about being removed.

Cessnock Sign,Glasgow

original post from June

Sign Change, Cessnock Underground Station,Glasgow

Update 21st August
Is someone going to tidy all that soggy paper up.

Update August 23rd August
So Glasgow Subway are going to leave the signs. Will the concerned people now protest over the other sign that changed 2 months ago or the older anti climb spikes. If this argument had been about accessibility to the station rather than styling it may have been useful.
Isnt this lovely , the way it was for months with no complaints.
(taken August 16th )
And the new street sign away from the buildings. Not right next to them as the complaints implied.
Call me cynical but i dont think most of the complaints come from people who actually use the station.

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