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Drygate Brewery

Drygate Brewery
( Opened May 2014)
Following on from the last post i was looking at some google views of Wellpark and stitched some.
Drygate Brewery, Glasgow
The recently announced Drygate Brewery is the building on the left hand side of the Brewery site. If it was named after the current closest streets it would not be Drygate , it would be John Knox Brewery or Ladywell Brewery.The old Drygate extended where the entrance is today, and followed a very different route. Closer to the Molendinar Burn than the main brewery, the new version of the Drygate Brewery is slightly further west than the original 1740 version.
From National Library of Scotland Maps John Wood 1822

From National Library of Scotland Maps 1807

Following images from Jan 19th;
Drygate Brewery, GlasgowDrygate Brewery, Glasgow
You can see the big "D" on the building. enough roofs for "Drygate"
Drygate Brewery, Glasgow

Planning Application

"The Maggie" 1954

The Maggie

Along with "Whisky Galore" the film "The Maggie" provides a lot of opportunities to grab images of the locations used.

I have tried not to duplicate the information available online unless required for clarification. Of particular interest are ScotlandTheMovie , In the wake of the Maggie , IslayBlog and Route9's then and now pictures

I have split this into several posts as one would have been too large to load.
Glasgow, Islay etc, Pubs, Misc

"The Maggie" 1954 Glasgow

"The Maggie"

Main "The Maggie" Post Link

Heading to Queen's Dock (Images from films)
Tied up at Yorkhill Quay

Central Station Hotel

Views of South Portland Street Suspension Bridge , and Custom House Quay
Included for the Irn Bru sign at top right. Background shows the Glasgow Bridge and further away the George V Bridge . Between them is the main railway bridge for Central Station
St Andrews Cathedral visible under bridge
View from South Portland Street Suspension Bridge , the Carrick is docked to the right at Custom House Quay. The corner on the opposite bridge to the right is the corner of Jamaica street and Clyde St..

The Maggie heads off to deliver its cargo; Islay etc

The end showing loading crane.

See also "The Maggie" Main, Islay , Pubs, Misc

"The Maggie" 1954 Islay etc

"The Maggie"
Islay etc

Main "The Maggie" Post Link

The document In The Wake Of The Maggie has more background information on these scenes.

Kintyres West Road between Whitehouse and Clachan looking back to West Loch, Tarbert.
Kintyres West Road. I think this looks like the location now.

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Next three pictures are Bowmore, Islay .

Movie Location "Loch Mora" in reality Crinan
Port Charlotte

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This scene is supposed to take place at the base of the hill in the image above. However this page identifies this as Bruichladdich.

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( same place used for piles of whatever through the years )

Port Askaig

See also "The Maggie" Main, Glasgow, Islay , Pubs, Misc

"The Maggie" 1954 Pubs

"The Maggie"

Main "The Maggie" Post Link

The main bar in Glasgow. NB "Yorkhill Quay" sign.
( Bar name "RE-----" ,Sitting Room,Luncheon & Snacks )

I thought i would try to figure out where the bar was supposed to be. These are the public houses marked on the 1892 OS map. So things will have changed in 60 years but still. It is supposed to be a corner i think.

The "Loch Mora Bar"
My guess for location;

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( The man at the right side is called Alisdair )

See The Maggie Islay Page for a description of the following location.

See also "The Maggie" Main, Islay , Pubs, Misc

"The Maggie" 1954 Misc

"The Maggie"

Main "The Maggie" Post Link

The party

Dougies Fry Up !!
Thats quite a journey
The photos are different in supposedly the same paper. Both are "Final Home Edition"

See also "The Maggie" Main, Glasgow , Islay , Pubs, Misc