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syne an nou an airt

After seeing these very impressive old paintings put into Street views of London i thought i would have a go.
I wanted to try more contemporary art so I started with some of Avril Patons but she generally paints from too high a vantage point, i couldnt work out where they were or the Google street view was just so bad ( looking at you Paddys Market).

I found some work by Bryan Evans that almost work;
Bryan Evans , South Side Angel , Glasgow
( NB Old Toll Bar on the left hand side currently closed , hopefully, awaiting repairs )
Bryan Evans , Battlefield Rest , Glasgow

Luckily i found a post about John Nisbets Sketchbook. Some are really tricky due to viewing angle or just good old Council demolition.
John Nisbet, George Square, Glasgow

John Nisbet, St Vincent Place, Glasgow

The building in the right foreground has been demolished

John Nisbet, Clyde Trust ( Clydeport ) Building, Glasgow

( I should add in a hand holding the picture so people would fall for thinking they were done on site. Does nobody notice the magical camera that can focus on two completely different planes in the pictures ?)