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The Raven

The Raven
81-85 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G1 1LP
25th June 2014
The Raven,Glasgow
This is the restaurant side, A nice change from the old Bay Horse. Interesting mixture of food, burgers suffer from Glasgows consistegnt problem of buns that fall apart. Does no one else pick up their burger to eat it ? I do like having all the sauces and a big paper roll and wipes to clean up though.
( With this and the southside Bay Horse having changed to Sweeneys there are now no Bay Horse bars in Glasgow )

As with Munros here are the opening day condiments :)
I have always advocated that anyone writing/giving a review should put up their receipt to show they were fair and not bought. So from now on when i do more than just post a picture i will try to remember to post the receipt. No receipt,ignore the review. I would challenge others to do this but many review off of preview nights or freebies and cant.

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