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In Common: Fintan McGee

Fintan Magee
Purdon Street, Partick, G11 6AJ
8th July 2014
Fintan McGee, Recoat, Glasgow
Elph- 1148 Maryhill Road, G20 7TA. MURAL
Faith 47- 156 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SJ. MURAL
Best Ever- ( Was Former Gas Purifier Shed, Dora Street, Dalmarnock.) ( Now Backside of Bills Tool Store, Barras)
Askew-Townhead Campus,City of Glasgow College,230 Cathedral Street,G1 2TG



  1. Hi, I stumbled across your great blog and this fab image of Fintan McGee's, 'In Common', whilst looking for old maps of Partick online (as you do!). I'm currently carrying out a feasibility study for a potential Heritage Arts Trail in Partick and would love to use your image in my report. Can I just check labelling for the image... If I put: In Common mural, Purdon St, G11 by Fintan McGee, image by - licensed by CC BY NC SA (with hyper links)... will that do it? Hope so. Thanks for the lovely images, Tracy

    1. Sorry for delay in replying i just found the unmoderated Comments. Thats fine with the link and the license