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The Clutha

Clutha Bar
167-169 Stockwell Street, Glasgow G1 4SP
27th May 2015

Some Good News ; the opening of the bar is progressing, some issues with rot were
discovered today
but a celebration for the families is going ahead this weekend.

Clutha Bar, Glasgow
Clutha Bar, Glasgow
Clutha Bar, Glasgow


WEST On The Corner

WEST On The Corner
160 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow G3 6LF
( Formerly The Halt Bar )
WEST On The Corner
G.I. Bride, Bud Neill Picture
WEST Brewery took over the Halt in the middle of 2014 . A guid stoor cleaning and painting left what was called a short term pop up bar
The larger changes started just before Christmas and it has taken till May 9th for the new place to reopen.
It has been a dramatic change.
Original Window, New Windows;
Dec 17th 2014------------------->Jan 19th 2015
March 28th 2015
WEST On The Corner
( NB they were preparing for a formal vendors opening later hence the unusual parts in the photos . They also had some real photographers in who werent quite sure who i was :) )
The previous Halt exterior was removed exposing the previous colours and signs.

Interesting that there are bar stools as a lot of places don't seem to encourage sitting at the bar anymore.
I like the space but , as with my on going interest in bar tables dont like the tables and chairs. Having the lights fixed and hanging low restricts changes and table configurations that can be made.
The bane of Glasgow tenement pubs, how to disguise the supports if they end up in the middle of the floor.

Previously as The Halt;
The Halt Bar, Woodlands Road, Glasgow

Closed : Nov 2017