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Great Scottish Run 2015

5th October 2015

110 Queen St appears

Our own little High Line. A trip on this should be part of Doors Open Days in 20016.

Little glass cap

Look how narrow the front of Central Station is.Also the central hole in the building opposite

All the unimaginative boxes built on the south side of the Clyde. Is there any other city in the world that wastes the opportunity of having two rivers running through it.

Can just see the grey slabs in Anderston that are in the process of being demolished

Debris on the roof and the sinks in the back.

This could be your luxury apartment !

This is from last years run ( GOMA:no scaffolding and 110 Queen St being built )

Just the eight of the bridges

Our river of road.

So, What Comes Next

So,What Comes Next
182 Queen Margaret Drive,Glasgow, G20 8NX
7th October 2015

So,What Comes Next,Glasgow

The old Crosslands bar , redone as a series of popups before a more formal change similar to the companies other recent popup in the old Sammy Dows . Current version is for Oktoberfest, then a month of Wine then a Christmas Market. Ceiling by Rogue-One

The Strathmore

The Strathmore
795 Maryhill Road,Glasgow
7th October 2015

The Strathmore,Glasgow
An extensive refurbishment and extension from the old Strathmore. Aiming for more of the surrounding student population by the looks of it. Bar is through opening to the right where you enter from Maryhill Road.

Inn Deep

Inn Deep
445 Great Western Rd, Glasgow , G12 8HH
1st October 2015
Just turned 3 years old.

"Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes" LINK ; "A Change is Gonna Come" LINK
inn Deep, Glasgow

10th September 2014 2 Years Old
inn Deep, Glasgow

3rd August 2013 1 Year Old
inn Deep, Glasgow

10th September 2012 :) All new and baby fresh
inn Deep, Glasgow