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It doesnt need to be correct if its pretty

As these things do i had a tweet in my timeline;

Uh Oh ! Design by pretty graphics

So lets see where this goes;
It does say run but we would be interested in pedestrians , by far the majority but lets keep an open mind.
Interesting ...

Glasgow In Motion

Lets go deeper and see what we can find

Still not at data , lets continue

Oh boy its just strava data with pretty colours.

There used to be good numbers available for the streets and basically showed cyling was 4.9% of pedestrian traffic this is not shown here at all and would enable designs that are dangerous for pedestrians.

What are the real numbers like
I have managed to display a day we have actual data for . I also use this day in an earlier post about the Sauchiehall Street Changes.

Highlighted in red is Sauchiehall street on Sep 2 2014. In these displays they look basically the same. However in the numbers there were 11,000 pedestrians and 500 cyclists. Nothing in this display shows anything like that. This was people standing on the street counting people not relying on them being able to afford the required hardware and subscription and allowing their data to be counted. How do the map labels even apply; are they specific per type or can you compare across displays for a day. These certainly dont show that pedestrians were 20x more than cyclists on this day.

Self selected data from people who game-ify their commutes. A group unrepresentative of the city population that probably barely includes pedestrian of any range of age groups and over emphasises cyclists. Takes no account of practicalities of terrain or reasons for travel. As with all these things when you have descriptors like "Popular, not popular, most popular" etc and no real numbers not even the hiding place of data scoundrels ; percentages
This kind of flashy graphics is used to dazzle people without being critical of the data sourcess.
This is NOT the way to do design and make decisions that will inpact the safety of people..
A waste of time effort and money that can be used to justify unsafe designs.

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