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An Avenue appears

As if by magic.
15th November 2018

Almost a year ago i posted about the , then , forthcoming Sauchiehall Street Avenue Phase 1 . It has now started to appear and i will update this post with the actual appearance of the things i talked about and anything new. ( i cant wait to go over the dangerous Bus shelter designs again )
( 15th November 2018 )
1) When you just ignore the plans.
Artists renders play a large part in the promotion of these schemes. They always show family scenes of sit up bikes trying to invoke continental Europe rather than the racers and mountain bikes bombing along like underpowered motorbikes that we have here.

Camera placement and extreme distortion of renders can show anything you want;
Ignoring that they never show the bins, A boards, signs, lights, direction totems etc etc that are dumped on the pavements.
( NB in the render those tables and chairs should have barriers around them but that would make them look like they were using more pavement space and we cant be honest about that )

But ,you say, that lighting mast was supposed to be moved.
Looks pretty set in there and will be messy to move now as no provision has been left on the median to easily move without digging up slabs again. You know its just pavement users that are going to be inconvenienced so we know the councils attitude to that as long as cyclists , as with other vehicles , get their little uncluttered road.
But, you also say, doesnt that change the viability of the supposed separator strip that was claimed to help impaired people safely navigate this street. Lets forget all of the bins, a-boards etc etc that will also be placed along the strip rendering it useless and remember this as it is immovable. As little as the council cares for pavement users they care even less for impaired pavement users either by disability or age.

2) I will save this for now but this will be partially dug up again to install crossing controls unless they have decided to ignore them as well. If they are leaving the current crossing signal it is on the wrong side and the tactile is the wrong colour for a controlled crossing.The markings are specific colours for a reason and you dont get to change them for aesthetic reasons.
The barriers around the control box make it useless as does leaving the ground unsafe at the base.
The entry and exit to the little cycle road is through the people waiting to cross the road as the plans showed. What fun !!

A Symphony In Stone

A Symphony In Stone.
At the start of the trailer for a new documentary, A Symphony In Stone , about Glasgow there is a sweeping aerial shot showing Great Western Road that makes quite a nice stitched picture.

NB There is a strange kink in the road realigning the part east of Byres Road to the rest . I dont think it is my alignment although i should check
You can start to see the change in direction in this J Rapkin 1854 Map
Although this Jospeh Swan 1854 map and this Joseph Swan 1862 map show it as quite a bit straighter

( This is a lower res version as the original version is 6600x13000 )