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Update July 17th 2019 : Sauchiehall St Avenue

As an update to my original post in November 2017 i wrote a twitter thread;

Here is the content of the tweet thread and i might add more information and will mark it as additions;

Credit where it is due @GlasgowCC .When i asked about moving the CCA sign from the pedestrian area back in November 2018 i didnt think it would ever be getting done, but there it is moved . So since ...
.. you are in a fixing things mood how about this sign which is just wrong where it has been installed. Once that is done there is a slightly more serious problem ...

.. every single piece of of corduroy tactile at the segregated cycleway is wrong. They are in as ladder style which indicates a safe place to walk rather than tramline ( 90 degrees rotated ) . @EuansGuide or @RNIBScotland might be interested in this. Also ...

.. there are bits where the tactile is just missing or the cycleway signs are just not there. Randomly along the length so it is not a "still to be finished of fully" thing . Then there are the bits that make no sense ...

.. granted this are was terrible before, at least it was almost level , but by making it a better transition for cars and bikes going up the hill the big bump in the pavement with the tactile perched on top is nonsensical.

i am assuming this is not the way you are going to leave this crossing although its been like this a few weeks now and it looks like a finished surface on both sides

In January i asked about the discrepancy between the drawings used for the TRO and the supposed as built drawings. I see that the cycle way ,as well as the tactile/signage issues, has claimed another 6m or so of pavement

and as another little endangering the pedestrian part the tiny "safety" posts have not all been installed. Considering what was at this corner before it is pretty terrible now. Did no-one notice the drain cover.[Edit July 19th : Having the drain there also destroyed the edge of the tactile ]

identical corners further east get no "safety" posts and vehicles turning onto Sauchiehall St drive over tactile damaging it, see in the drawing how it was curved before. Built in maintenance i guess.

These exits onto the west bound cycle lane are bad. People with prams, small kids , the elderly and impaired are going to have problems. 10/n .. there are more issues but that should be enough to be getting on with

[ Update: July 19th 2019 . I tweeted a video of the Rose St end junction; twitter link ]