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Subcrawl Maps

Updated Maps Link: Zoomable , mobile friendly, regularly updating, etc maps;

  • a) If you are in a large group think about contacting the pubs well before to say you may be in. Especially if you are doing this during the week when there may usually be less staff.
  • b) Watch when football games are on the Inner Anti-Clockwise and the Outer- Clockwise from Buchanan Street will be busy before the game( reverses after game ).Use this to your advantage to avoid crowds.
  • c) Nobody has to serve you in any bar especially if you are drunk or an idiot.
  • d) Look after each other
  • e) Get a kitty going. Nobody likes to have ten people order and pay for one drink at a time, and it slows you down as well.
  • f) Make a list of drinks. Saves you and the bar staff time and headaches.
  • g) You are probably not the only group out so dont expect to magically get served first when you go in a bar. You are not a special snowflake
  • h) You are not the first people to have heard about or gone on a subcrawl.
June 2015 Overground Subcrawl is possible again this year; Govan Ferry is running July/September 9.45am-5.30pm Closes the link between Govan and Partick over the Clyde without a longer detour
May 2015 Dear oh deary me April 2015 Posted in subway carriages. Dont know if specifically target at Subcrawls but why make specific mention of alcohol. SPT might like the money it generates but not the people. Similar passive singling out as their previous poster at Kelvinbridge Underground ( July 2015; noticed that these have now been updated to remove the "Alcoholic" part which is a better way to present the whole message. )
These were changed to this;
August 2015 ; Here we go again. Is it only alcohol fuelled or all anti-social behaviour ? this time free designers wanted LINK
Just noticed this; some people are smart enough to see the worth of having groups of people come around and use local businesses; From The Doublets sale notice; "With Kelvinbridge Underground to the rear of the pub it is listed on the “Subcrawl” map amongst the students, which lists all the pubs that are the closest to each underground station and has done so for years. " I like to see the different maps used for the Glasgow Sub crawls. Send me any that you come across with a date and who the map was created for if possible. Even just photos of t shirts with maps would be great. ( See also for New Glasgow Society )
slightly updated map, Feb 2013 It was updating this map to the existing bar names that made me attempt to make an up to date version. One of the few that aims to go anti clockwise. ( From The Laurieston ) My map, April 2013
My map, May 2014
[ May 2014 update: FYI Old Toll Bar is currently closed; Louden Tavern at Ibrox is only open on home match days ] My map . ( pseudo CRM title :-) ). Based on an old Coporation map with bits that dont exist ( eg the docks and streets ) removed and station names corrected. Photographed April 27th 2013 Interesting choice of bars .
A fantastic effort especially managing to miss the number 10 from the list. I also like the water being crossed out. This was laminated for protection
AUgust 2014: This is a very complicated set of rules. I bet it lasted about two stops.
( NB i dont think The Attic is open during the day, Liquid Ship has been Roxy 171 for a couple of years and Donnellys is the old name for The Govan Arms ) As the drinking continues i wonder how much of the following sheet is remembered. A lot of tasks and rules :)

Juat another chance to how maps can be different; Velvet Elvis is shut and is now Six Degrees North; Inn Deep and Curlers arent keen on larger sub crawls turning up; Palm Sugar ?? no Dows or Waxys ; Brazen Head is a long walk out of the way; Jacksons is probably better bet thaan Station.

See also Subcrawl info on; my update of map out of date out of date Urban Dictionary python-glasgow tumblr Yelp ( NB None of the following are updated and rarely link to active websites;, )

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