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Kelvingrove Mural

Kelvingrove Mural (WIP)
Near Gibson St
25th February 2013
Kelvingrove Mural, Glasgow
This is only the left hand side .
Right hand side almost done.
Part 1
Kelvingrove Mural, Glasgow
Part 2
Kelvingrove Mural, Glasgow
The right hand electrical box used to look like a calculator. I am sure they could be upgraded to a smartphone and a tablet now.

Part 3
Kelvingrove Mural, Glasgow
The "Thanks To" page used to have some names. The jump to "And Also" is a bit jarring
Unfortunately the current building work means i couldnt get the completely unfolded view i wanted.
( Main Artist Sam Bates - aka SMUG )
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( Click the "unhidden" label below for others where i have removed street furniture/plants/trees or flattened murals . The flattened Custom House Quay Tiger is a favourite)

( ooohh look what i just found from AMcMurchie )

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