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Death Watch (1980)

Death Watch
1979 Glasgow

Another attempt to get images of old Glasgow from videos
( See the "
That Sinking Feeling" post also )

This thread at Urban Glasgow names a lot of the locations . LINK

Only three of these buildings are still standing. The fake police station is one of them. Current view on street view LINK
Current(ish) View

This bar is now the Clutha. Camera is on Clyde St and the road opposite is Bridgegate

Charing Cross

City Chambers or Art Galleries pretending to be a hotel

Outside the "Hotel" , In the Art Galleries car park. Which of course they then drove from. by the Wee Manns, in a previous picture, to get to Finnieston. Hell of a detour.

The Depot. NB The bus top right
Here is a good map to try to figure out where they built this set.LINK .
( Figured it out; its Stobcross Road , where the Tall ship used to be. The SECC/Hydro etc now stand where all that water is and the wall here may be part of a new planned distillery (2013) )

View Larger Map

No buildings. I just liked this pan as it connects to the next image at the brazier you can see on the right. Also the chairs tied to the bus

You can just see the Finnieston Crane . Toilet Bus reappears

The last four are part of this run through the camp/market

Look at that futuristic computer.

Nicos (?) ( it must have just been opened at this point )

The modern building peeking out bottom left looks really familiar. Is it West George St.
Yes, it is West George St. View is from Dundas St;

A bar spotted early in the film is The Buttery.GMap OGP

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