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Every Building on ..... Union Street

Union Street, Glasgow

I have been interested in two different books, one of which is a homage to the other; Edward Ruscha (wiki)(artsy): Every Building on the Sunset Strip and Stan Douglas: Every Building on 100 West Hastings

I wanted to try doing something similar and have,for testing,tried to create a photo of Union Street. Short and striking variations of buildings and signage. It is the very definition of "Look Up Glasgow". Those street level signs are a jumbled , colour assaulting mess.
This is all incomplete and ongoing but posting this might make me try and finish it.
Union Street, Glasgow
( Updated May 5th. added bottom of shops to LHS, sorted some overlaps/exposures.)
Union Street, Glasgow
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Link to easily scalable/pannable larger version [LINK]

This is the odd numbered side of the street so misses the Ca d'oro and Egyptian Halls
Gordon St on the right, to Argyle St on the left.
Other possible streets: Hope St, Argyle St , West George St , Bits of St Vincent St, Waterloo St.Duke St, Dumbarton road. Sorely lacking in streets that both sides could be used.
Matteo Pericolli "Manhattan Unfurled" "London Unfurled" ".. and then some"
Stanford Cityblock project
Paul Heaston : Bozeman : Drawing on Main ssc
Stanley Kubrick : Eyes Wide Shut : Commercial Road : Panorama
From Google Maps;

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