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Mirror ( 1970 )

One of the extras on the BFI rerelease of "That Sinking Feeling" is a short film described as;
Mirror (John Schorstein, 1970, 33 mins): a young writer (Forsyth) searches the streets of Glasgow for his missing girlfriend.

Mirror (1970), Glasgow
In this shot the main character starts walking towards the camera from the right passing the man on the edge. Camera pans up to a train passing and by the time we are looking left Forsyths character is walking towards the camera again, passing the troubled man just as he climbs the parapet to jump.A wee sprint along the bridge involved.
Mirror (1970), Glasgow
Great Western Rd ?

Mirror (1970), Glasgow
Hielanmans Umbrella, Argyle Street
Look at all the prominent real estate for shoe shops.
Mirror (1970), Glasgow
Custom House Quay
Mirror (1970), Glasgow
George Square. Great shot. Front of the Station visible and no glass shed at the front of the hotel.

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