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17 Hope Street, City Centre, Glasgow G2 6AB
22nd July 2015

Denholms was recently closed for a few weeks as it underwent what the posted sign said was "a much needed facelift"
As with Wintergills in the previous post i was interested to see what these changes actually are. The bar reopened last Saturday night. This has turned out to be what the sign said; "a facelift", bar is looking good, now serving food and an updated beer range. Also cleared the signs blocking the great front window allowing the light to show it clearly. The people on the frieze have names now.Chairs and tables changed. Downstairs was "refreshed" as well and it has all been a worthwhile exercise. With the recent closure of the nearby Quarter Gill it is good to see investment in the bars in this area.
( Hey Denholms has burgers and craft beer now !! wonder when the blaggers will arrive for a review )
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Similar view 2011

Frieze with names

Back wall ( no names on frieze yet )

NB it may look empty but it was pretty busy and i had to stitch around people to get a good view of the bar

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