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Drygate Brewing Co.

Drygate Brewing Co.
85 Drygate, Glasgow, G4 0UT
28th May 2014

Drygate Brewing Co.,Glasgow

Drygate Brewing Co., Glasgow

Details, Details, Details

I have watched this grow over time from first overhearing about it before the initial announcement to the opening. I was worried this may just be a big impersonal shed and from the outside and the entrance it does not really challenge that opinion.
The kitchen was closed due to the opening festivities later and a , good thing to see, a tourist party. It was interesting to be there while a large party visted to hear what it sounded like with a crowd. It works surprisingly well. As an aside the external windows are impressive pieces of insulation as well.
I like to see bars early , see this Inn Deep sequence and how it has changed, to see how they grow into their skin. They are not brewing for the bar yet and it will be interesting to find how the smells and sounds of brewing impact the other spaces.
Drygate Brewing Co., Glasgow
A different series of spaces both internal and external will allow varying ways of visiting in groups and singly. They are as usual in Scotland weather driven but good use of covers and heaters should encourage use year round.

Initial thoughts; Very promising as i visit this part of town quite a bit. Whether it can get people coming on cold January nights is another thing. ( p.s. buses to note 41 and 90 drop off right outside )

Nit Picks: This is all for the downstairs area:
Table arrangements are going to make getting beer be a fight for space or the poor people right with their backs to the bar table getting jostled. Or an arse in the back of their head.Unless there were physical limits i would have switched the bar and kitchen locations.
I do not like those long bench seats :) They dont accomodate all sizes of people and the poor sod who has to get in the middle has to do a Dukes of Hazzard style window leap.

The three sided square booths always leave the person in the corner missing out. Either 2 sided face to face or curved booths for more people.
Better signage: Toilets / Washrooms is like a Livingstonian expedition the first time.
( Update May 29th : Almost forgot. my ongoing table design crusade . There should be no sharp table corner edges in a bar. The MDF block tables with the old school chairs etc at them are guilty of this :) )
Drygate Brewing Co.,Glasgow

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Paisley Road West

Working out ideas for Every Building on Union St.

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Interesting changes in tenement styles.Look at all the glass especially in the middle tenement design and only 3 levels high ( Shop and two living ).

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KH-4 ( 1969 )

Continuing my trawl through the new dvd release of "That Sinking Feeling" . One the other short films is another student film that has some views of Glasgow. Mainly demolition with the route of the M8 through Bath Street figuring significantly.

KH-4, 1969
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The rounded top in the centre is the top of Savings Bank on New City Road ( RCAHMS Link ) . To the right is Stow College
Clock tower to the far left is the Normal School at Dundas Vale ( RCAHMS link )

The towers to the right are a mixture of
Park Church Tower ( RCAHMS Link ) and Free Church College ( RCAHMS Link )

I think the actual position is up by the canal/Port Dundas/High Craighall Road

Mirror ( 1970 )

One of the extras on the BFI rerelease of "That Sinking Feeling" is a short film described as;
Mirror (John Schorstein, 1970, 33 mins): a young writer (Forsyth) searches the streets of Glasgow for his missing girlfriend.

Mirror (1970), Glasgow
In this shot the main character starts walking towards the camera from the right passing the man on the edge. Camera pans up to a train passing and by the time we are looking left Forsyths character is walking towards the camera again, passing the troubled man just as he climbs the parapet to jump.A wee sprint along the bridge involved.
Mirror (1970), Glasgow
Great Western Rd ?

Mirror (1970), Glasgow
Hielanmans Umbrella, Argyle Street
Look at all the prominent real estate for shoe shops.
Mirror (1970), Glasgow
Custom House Quay
Mirror (1970), Glasgow
George Square. Great shot. Front of the Station visible and no glass shed at the front of the hotel.

Every Building on ..... Union Street

Union Street, Glasgow

I have been interested in two different books, one of which is a homage to the other; Edward Ruscha (wiki)(artsy): Every Building on the Sunset Strip and Stan Douglas: Every Building on 100 West Hastings

I wanted to try doing something similar and have,for testing,tried to create a photo of Union Street. Short and striking variations of buildings and signage. It is the very definition of "Look Up Glasgow". Those street level signs are a jumbled , colour assaulting mess.
This is all incomplete and ongoing but posting this might make me try and finish it.
Union Street, Glasgow
( Updated May 5th. added bottom of shops to LHS, sorted some overlaps/exposures.)
Union Street, Glasgow
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Link to easily scalable/pannable larger version [LINK]

This is the odd numbered side of the street so misses the Ca d'oro and Egyptian Halls
Gordon St on the right, to Argyle St on the left.
Other possible streets: Hope St, Argyle St , West George St , Bits of St Vincent St, Waterloo St.Duke St, Dumbarton road. Sorely lacking in streets that both sides could be used.
Matteo Pericolli "Manhattan Unfurled" "London Unfurled" ".. and then some"
Stanford Cityblock project
Paul Heaston : Bozeman : Drawing on Main ssc
Stanley Kubrick : Eyes Wide Shut : Commercial Road : Panorama
From Google Maps;